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Our Mission

We exist to solve problems by connecting the right technology with the most extraordinary customer service.


Welcome to Integrity Computers, Inc!  Since 2005, it has been our commitment and passion to help businesses and consumers solve problems by connecting the right technology with the most extraordinary customer service.

Our story began over twelve years ago when Luke Popejoy, Integrity Computer’s President & Owner was seeking a career that combined his love for computers with deep skills to solve IT challenges. Luke’s story is inspiring to so many entrepreneurs who share the same dream of starting a successful business. And so, the spirit behind the endeavor of Integrity Computers, Inc. has come to life. Through, hard work, hiring the brightest talent, and an unwavering commitment to top-notch service, Luke was able to transform a business that started with just a yellow page listing and a spare bedroom, to a company that has doubled in size multiple times serving hundreds of businesses with specialized IT solutions.

Located in Statesville, NC, our team of trained and certified technicians all work together to ensure that your IT challenges and needs are met at every level, from repair and implementation to training and maintenance.  In addition, we are a Microsoft Silver Partner and have strategic partnerships with with Dell, Cisco, and security product vendors.

Of course, when it comes to IT solutions and repairs, you have options.  So, what makes Integrity Computers, Inc. different?

First, our core values were designed with YOU, the customer in mind.  We operate with a Servant Heart.  With a helpful, positive attitude, we will consistently focus on providing an exceptional experience to our clients.  Towards our team members, we will encourage healthy collaboration and team work—remembering that we succeed together.

Second, personal ownership is integral to how our team responds to problems. With every single project, know that we are dedicated to “knocking it out of the park”.  Mediocrity is NEVER an option.

Lastly, each project is complete with a customer survey that is scored using our customer satisfaction rigorous rating system to ensure every customer’s expectations are met – and even exceeded.

Your trust and business are why we exist. We look forward to many years as your IT partner, providing the service that you deserve and expect.

Please call and let's talk about what Integrity Computers Inc., can do for you. If you are a business with fifty computers and need trusted, outsourced support or your iPhone needs a new screen, our team is ready to help you.


Meet Our Team


Luke Popejoy

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Luke is the President of Integrity Computers, Inc. Besides his mission to QA the best coffee beans for his team, Luke is dedicated to making sure that Integrity Computers sustains a vibrant workplace culture, and that their customers receive service excellence. The more complex the IT issue, the greater joy Luke receives as he is passionate about foreseeing issues and remedying problems for their clients. Whether it is providing a great career opportunity for a team member or technology excellence—Luke operates the business on the foundation of Biblical principles and ethics.

Luke is a member of The C12 Group, a roundtable forum for Christian CEOs & Business Owners. When he isn’t busy running the business, or playing with his 3 children, Luke loves to be outdoors and enjoys reading. One of his favorite business books is Good To Great by Jim Collins.

As people look for meaning, purpose, and answers, Luke shares John 14:18 as a reminder of this endeavor of work as worship, business as ministry, and making Jesus known. “I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.”


Jacob Wiley

IT Support Manager

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Jacob joined Integrity Computers, Inc. in 2014 and serves as the company’s IT Support Manager. He is responsible for overseeing the daily operations for the business information technology services sector. His deep experience benefits Integrity Computer’s clients with solutions that revolutionize workflow and bring businesses into the modern era of technology.

Additionally, Jacob is tasked with ensuring the service Integrity Computers provides is consistently aligned with the company’s core values and that the team lives out their mission statement of solving problems by connecting the right technology with the most extraordinary customer service.

Jacob and his wife are anxiously awaiting the birth of their first child—a son in 2018. When he is not in front of a computer, Jacob is a devoted husband and has the privilege of playing bass guitar on the worship team at New Life Church in Taylorsville, NC where he also volunteers supporting their IT needs.


Justin koehler

Service Manager

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Justin joined Integrity Computers, Inc. in 2010, and provides Apple computer repair expertise and customer service support. Justin is passionate about providing Integrity Computer’s customers with exceptional service and open communication, while meeting their expectations and even teaching customers about technology.

He is responsible for overseeing the workings of the Apple department which entail tracking inventory, ordering parts, managing team members, assisting customers with Apple related issues, and scheduling appointments for customers.

In Justin’s spare time, he enjoys working on cars and motorcycles, and loves backpacking, mountain biking, and hiking—with his dogs in tow.

Could not believe the speed and accuracy of determining and solving the problem. Great work! They set a very high standard of performance!
— Steve Staples

Our Commitment

You will receive excellence over the fast or easier fix.  The root cause of a problem will always be treated, not just the symptom. We step outside of the immediate circumstances, asking tough questions to determine ultimate objectives.  When you work with Integrity Computers, know that our employees demonstrate the highest potential to achieve your goals. Each project is complete with a customer survey that is scored using our customer satisfaction rigorous rating system to ensure every customer’s expectations are met – and even exceeded.

Tech Score


Tech Score is a grade from 1-5 that a user can click after service.  Based on this data, Integrity Computers, Inc. has 4.937765205 stars!

Net Promoter Score


The Net Promoter Score measures how likely a client would be to refer Integrity Computers, Inc. to a friend or family member.  Widely viewed as an extremely reliable metric of customer satisfaction.

Satisfaction Factors

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Great customer service and fast response time are leading criteria for customer satisfaction.