4 Ways Microsoft Protects Office 365 Data

Microsoft is the global leader in email hosting, they secure your email in ways that would never be financially viable for small to medium business owners. There is tremendous value in Office 365 and we believe there is no better mail host on the planet. Here is what Microsoft is doing to protect your Office 365 data (Email, OneDrive, SharePoint).

 1.     Physical security

From 24-hour monitoring and restricted physical access, to multi-factor authentication and biometric scanning for data center access.

2.     Logical

Dedicated threat management teams, port and perimeter scanning, and intrusion detection to prevent malicious access.

3.     Data

Encryption at rest and in transit, constant security management, and data/file integrity detection services.

4.     Availability

a.      Microsoft is proud to say the frequently maintain a 99.97% uptime each quarter.

Lisa Cone