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Apple Repairs

Mac, Macbook, & iMac

We look forward to serving you at our Statesville location!  

apple service Rates

Service Price
Apple Service Rate $105/hr
Diagnostic Fee $55

Integrity Computers, Inc offers a certified, warrantied repair for your Apple equipment. Our technicians go through strenuous training to achieve and keep the Apple Certified Technician status. There is a standard that they have to live up to before they can touch your Apple device so you can have peace of mind when it comes to your repair. Our technicians are happy to walk you through every step of the repair so you won't be in the dark. Unlike many computer repair shops, our facility is an Apple Authorized Service Provider so all replacement parts are from Apple (subject to availability) and repairs are done according to Apple specifications. 

AppleCare Warranty & Non-Warranty Repairs

As an Apple Authorized Service Provider, Apple equips us with all of their diagnostic technology. We perform the same repairs as an Apple store and (assuming availability) we only use new, original Apple parts. We can even service machines that Apple considers "vintage". We can repair your Mac with or without warranty. Regardless of whether your device is still covered by an AppleCare warranty, all of our work is backed by a 90-day parts and labor guarantee.

For accidental damage and non-warranty repairs, our standard Mac service rates apply plus the cost of any replacement parts. We will provide a quote on the repair cost so you can make an informed decision.

Why Choose Integrity?

  • We are the area's only Authorized Apple Service Provider

  • We are a local business in Statesville, NC - no waiting in traffic!

  • Because we are Apple Certified Technicians, your warranty will not be voided by our service.

  • Fast repair times.

  • We have 10+ years of experience providing excellent service.

  • Pick-up and drop-off service available.

Schools &

For accounts with hundreds or even thousands of Mac computers, we have developed a special program in order to effectively meet your demands. We can interface with your IT, purchasing, and finance departments in order to streamline repairs and payments. Tickets can be submitted directly to our service management system for quoting or repair.

Quotes for repair services will be provided before work is performed if the work is not covered under the Apple warranty or the AppleCare program.

*Under our Volume Account Service Program, we can handle all of your Apple repairs, thus reducing the work load of your internal IT professionals. For warranty-covered repairs, there is no charge.

* Please contact us for our Mac Pick-up/Drop-off Fee if you have less than five machines.

For immediate assistance, or more details on our "concierge" Mac Service program, please contact Justin Koehler at 704-881-1553 x22 or

What We Provide:

  • Repair covered under Apple warranty (if possible)
  • Repair Quote submitted to approval person (there is no warranty coverage)
  • 2-4 day repair time (after approval)
  • Delivered back to your campus/office
  • Free pick-up and drop-off if you have at least five machines that need repair.

Apple Service Rates

Service Price
Apple Repair Shop Rate $85/hr
Apple Repair On-Site Rate $105/hr
Diagnostic Fee $55
Apple Repair Pick-Up/Drop-Off Fee
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    Switch to a Mac

    Why should I get a Mac?

    The biggest reason to switch to a Mac is reliability. Macs are less prone to viruses, have proven consistent performance, premium design, and the list goes on and on. Our friendly technicians can help walk you through your transition and aid you in choosing which Mac product would be suitable for your needs. We can help you with purchasing and training for all of your Mac products.

    How can Integrity help me make the transition?

    We offer a "Switch to a Mac" service package to make the transition to a Mac as painless as possible. This service includes:

    • We set up a time to talk to you about exactly what you use your computer for.
    • Next, we help you determine which of Apple's computer products would work best for your environment and budget.
    • We assist you in ordering the correct equipment directly from Apple's website.
    • We move your data (documents, music, photos) from your old computer to your new Mac. 
    • We set up your email accounts and make sure everything sync's with your new computer.
    • We set up a 30 minute training session with you after the transfer is complete.
    I am always so impressed with every aspect of Integrity. The response time is incredible, the customer service is impeccable, and the technical ability is unmatched.
    — Tonya Fowler

    Need an Apple Product Repair? We can fix it! See how.