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Network Protection

A common IT complaint is "Why is my internet slow?". Picture your internet connection as a huge water pipe. Water is flowing through this pipe and without proper equipment in place, no one knows where this water is going or what kind of water it is (drinking water or waste water).

 Enter Cisco Meraki. Their network security appliances function as both a valve and a meter for this symbolic water pipe. With our partnership with Cisco, we are able to offer some of the most comprehensive security and networking equipment on the market to the small-to-medium sized business an affordable price point!

+ A True Story

It's common to install a firewall and discover things happening on a network that managers had no idea about. At one location, within 24 hours of a firewall install, we found a computer that was uploading GB's of data to a Russian IP address. At another site, we found users who were compromising the security of the network with Bittorent downloads and questionable browsing habits. It's not our job to police your network, but if you are interested in knowing what's happening on yours, we want to give you the tools to do it!

+ Case Studies for Your Industry

Cisco Meraki has invested a lot into creating education case studies for various industry verticals. There's a good chance you can find one for your industry here:


Managed Services

Upgrades, patches, security, antivirus, backups, etc. It all seems part of a diabolic plan to drive you insane.

Enter IntegrityCare Service Program. We take the headache of all management stress from your shoulders, and in some cases, we actually fix problems before you even know they exist. Our remote monitoring software keeps us up to date on all the latest issues with your network so we can proactively keep you running.

MyIT Service Program Details

  MyIT Basic MyIT Premium MyIT Elite!
Service Contract Type Monitoring Only Fixed Price Fixed Price
IT Documentation Included Included Included
Windows Update Management Included Included Included
Performance Optimization Included Included Included
Remote Monitoring & Alerting Included Included Included
Remote Support Per Hour Included Included
Managed Anti-Malware Included Included Included
Managed Anti-Spam $1.50/Client Included Included
Discounted Pricing on Projects ----- Included Included
Server Disaster Protection
$55/Server $55/Server Included
Offsite Backups
(Up to 10 GB)
$2/GB $2/GB Included
Line of Business Software Support Per Hour Per Hour Included
Managed Network Security Optional Optional Optional
Website & Email Hosting $19/Month $19/Month Included

General Support

Are you...

  • Getting 10's or 1000's of Spam emails every day?
  • Making a good backup of all of your data?
  • Getting regular virus infections?
  • In need of monitoring/controlling internet usage?
  • In need of replacement PC's?
  • Outgrowing your server?

We deliver enterprise-grade solutions for offices just like yours. Give us a call. Let's talk about your problems and what we can do to help you!


Strategic Partnerships

Very polite and professional. They go above and beyond to get the ball rolling, and kept me in the loop as they worked to resolve some of our IT issues. I definitely recommend them for business IT support and will continue to use them for future needs.
— Prashant Patel